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Adventure and Miniature Golf

Miniature and adventure golf are popular forms of recreational entertainment that can be enjoyed in Orlando and Kissimmee. Miniature golf is a scaled-down version of traditional golf and typically features courses with fun and whimsical obstacles. Adventure golf, on the other hand, is a more challenging and immersive version that often incorporates themes and interactive elements.

Courses with themes

In Orlando and Kissimmee, you will find many courses to choose from. One of the most popular is Congo River Golf, which features two different 18-hole courses with waterfalls, caves, and live alligators. Another favorite is Hollywood Drive-In Golf, where visitors can play on two courses inspired by classic horror and sci-fi movies.

In Kissimmee one of the most unique is Pirate’s Island Adventure Golf, which has two courses with pirate-themed obstacles like treasure chests, cannons, and ships.

When it comes to pricing, miniature and adventure golf courses in Orlando and Kissimmee typically range from $10-$15 per person. Some courses may offer discounts for larger groups or for playing multiple rounds.

Indoor and Outdoors Miniature Golf

In addition to traditional golf courses, there are also indoor and glow-in-the-dark options available. For example, Glowgolf in Kissimmee offers an indoor course with 18 holes that glow in the dark. This unique experience is perfect for a rainy day or for those looking for a break from the Florida sun.

Overall, miniature and adventure golf are fun and exciting activities that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. With so many courses to choose from in Orlando and Kissimmee, visitors are sure to find a course that suits their interests and budget.

So whether you’re looking for a family-friendly activity or a challenging game with friends, miniature and adventure golf is a great way to spend a day in Central Florida.

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